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About Us

Teenage Palate

Get to know our team and explore our mission and goals

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Meet the Founders

We're Neil Pasawala (left) and Dylan Patel (right). Neil, a student at Emory University, loves comedies, playing the guitar, and volleyball. Neil absolutely loves Mexican cuisine, and despite his recognition of its inauthenticity, he will always have a soft spot for a Chipotle burrito. Dylan, a student at Bates College, loves biking, kung fu, and is an avid fisher. Dylan's favorite cuisine is Italian (don't get him started about where to get the best pizza in New York).



Teenage Palate was founded for the explicit purpose of answering the timeless question "where should we eat?" by simply showcasing the best dishes a restaurant has to offer. As teenagers who often encounter friends who have no idea where to eat but have a specific kind of dish in mind, we decided to create a one-stop site to readily provide restaurants specializing in the dish of one's choosing.

Mediterranean Restaurants


Our goal is to expand the operation of Teenage Palate. From reviewing the hundreds of undiscovered restaurants in our local area to teaming up with avid-restaurant goers in other cities, there is so much to be done. With Neil going off to college next year and Dylan doing so a year later, we plan on bringing Teenage Palate wherever we may find ourselves in the future. We hope our website can become a staple guide for anyone with an internet connection and an appetite.

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