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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Zuma is a top-of-the-line Japanese restaurant with an impeccable atmosphere. It's located in the heart of New York City and its menu has an extensive range of Japanese dishes-- all of which are to die for.


- 261 Madison Ave, NYC

What we recommend:

- Sliced Sea Bass Sashimi with Yuzu and Truffle Oil

- Miso Black Cod

- Rice Hot Pot

Our Reviews:

- Sliced Sea Bass Sashimi with Yuzu and Truffle Oil

The Sliced Sea Bass Sashimi with Yuzu and Truffle Oil was an amazing cold dish that contained so many complimenting flavors. Each individual slice of sea bass is meant to be topped with some salmon roe and eaten in one bite. Immediately there is the taste of the sea bass and the truffle oil spread on top of it. The strong flavors are then balanced by the burst of juiciness that comes from the roe and by the tang of the yuzu.

- Miso Black Cod

The Miso Black Cod is one of Zuma’s signature dishes. The cod is served wrapped in a hoba leaf with a tangy ginger-based sauce on the side. The fish is divine as it is supremely flakey, moist, and each bite is decadent. The miso glaze is enhanced by the slight char on the outside of the fish. Additionally, the sauce was very refreshing and provided a tang that balanced the richness of the fish.

- The Rice Hot Pot

The Rice Hot Pot is another signature dish of Zuma. It contains mushrooms, Japanese vegetables, and freshly shaved black truffles. There is a powerful mushroom taste throughout the well seasoned, slightly creamy rice. Each bite melts in your mouth and the truffle umami makes its way into each rice grain. This dish is a perfect main course option at Zuma.


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